Hello 2016! You've given us a rough start, taking so many talented and beloved individuals. We're all hoping things get better.

My year has personally been a bit rough as well. I've moved from Houston to Virginia, but my moving container pod hasn't been delivered yet. It's slated to be delivered in a few days when we have a snowstorm...wheee!

Since I don't have any books or an office in which to prep them, the store is currently CLOSED until further notice. I'm hoping to open it again by the end of the month, when at least a couple other deadlines (oh yes, deadlines, I'm a working author and I have two major ones in the next month!) are met.

The special "Give Thanks" coupon no longer applies. I'll be revisiting prices as some books are going out of print, mailing rates are going up, and I'm going to be insanely busy this year (Hoorays! I CANNOT WAIT to share so many exciting things...but the NDAs I've signed assure me that I must.)

In the meantime, watch this space for more announcements!

Thank you for your patience!

-Christie Golden